Getting around Spain

Spain is dotted with international airports and its connections with the rest of Europe are excellent. Most of this country is well covered by both bus and rail networks. On the other hand, if your trip to Spain is part of a wider European tour, then it may be worth investing in a rail pass, such as the InterRail ticket.

Buses tend to be quicker than trains and will also normally take you closer to your destination. The majority of train stations are several kilometers from the city they serve and you've no guarantee of a connecting bus.

Hiring a car in Spain will never be your cheapest option, but it might be the most convenient. If you want to explore some of the Spain’s harder-to-reach regions, like Alpujarras, the Rías Bajas (to the west of Santiago de Compostela) or the region around Cadiz and Tarifa, renting a car is your best choice. Taxis are a good way to get around all Spain cities, but can get pretty expensive. Taxi stands are numerous, and you can easily hail taxis from the street.