King Alphonso XIII walks the Caminito

King Alfonso XIII at the caminitoIt started out as a cloudy day, with a series of rain showers that spoiled the inauguration celebrations and made the visit more tedious. It already involved a journey by train and road. Still, the King was pleasant and good humored, and happily listened to all the explanations given by Benjumea about the plant. He wanted to know every detail.

Lunch for a party of over two hundred was served. Leading figures, authorities, engineers, and the media were invited. For dessert, the Minister of Development gave a speech where he highlighted the importance of public works and the example that El Chorro Dam represented for the Nation, for balancing the industrial and agricultural industries. After lunch and under the heavy rain, the King placed the last stone.


A table and a chair made of the same stone used in the construction were placed for the King to sign the official inauguration document. The official document signed by King Alfonso XIII reads as follows: The Catholic Kingdom of His Majesty Alfonso XIII, on May 21, 1921, all works at El Chorro Dam have been completed and the last stone placed by the magnificent hand of the Spanish Monarch, whose supporters were honored to set their hand after His Majesty.


el caminito del rey alfonso XIIIalfonso XIII crosses the footbridgeAfter the ceremony, the King and his companions visited the Gaitanejo Dam and walked through the Balcon de los Gaitanes, decorated with a garland held by four dissected eagles and read: ‘To the King’. Alfonso XIII was so impressed by the view that he asked for a photograph to be taken to perpetuate his visit to the site.