País Vasco

País Vasco (the Basque Country) is one of the most industrialized regions of Spain but it is still a land of lush green countryside, magnificent mountains and brilliant blue seas -  there are many areas of nature that are almost untouched, especially the natural parks of Valderejo, Urkiola, Urdaibai and the magical landscapes along the Guernica river. This region is perfect for hiking, riding, golf and mountain sports and towns of note are San Sebastian, the famous aristocratic beach resort; and Bilbao, the region's largest city which has a beautiful historic quarter.

Discover the rich culture and deeply rooted customs of the Basque people who have forged strong bonds with the environment around them. País Vasco is a region where diverse and enterprising communities are based around fishing, industry and agriculture making it a land of good food and excellent wine, where local and seasonal products such as pintxos, the local tapas, and fine wines from the Rioja Alavesa or a txakoli, a sparkling wine, are a luxury everyone can afford.

Take the time to understand the personality of this unique region and experiment with the passionate flavours of País Vasco.