House of Bonaparte (1808–1813)

The only monarch from this dynasty was Joseph I, imposed by his brother Napoleon I of France after Charles IV and Ferdinand VII had abdicated. The title used by Joseph I was King of the Spains and the Indias, by the Grace of God and the Constitution of the State. He was also later given all of the titles of the previous kings. A government in opposition to the French was formed in Cádiz on 25 September 1808, which continued to recognize the imprisoned Ferdinand VII as king. This government was diplomatically recognized as the legitimate Spanish government by Britain and other countries at war with France.

NameLifespanReign startReign endNotesFamilyImage
Joseph I

the Intruder and Bottle Joe

Spanish: José I

7 January 1768 – 28 July 1844
(aged 76)
6 June 1808 11 December 1813
The older brother of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Joseph Bonaparte