House of Bourbon (1975–present)

Alfonso XIII's claim descended (due to his two eldest sons' renunciations) to his third son, Juan of Bourbon, Count of Barcelona, who was passed over in favour of his eldest son, whose title is King of Spain. The Count of Barcelona formally renounced his claims in favour of his son in 1977, two years after Franco's death and Juan Carlos's accession.

Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son Felipe VI, who became King on 19 June 2014, with Felipe's older daughter, Leonor next in succession.

NameLifespanReign startReign endNotesFamilyImage
Juan Carlos I
5 January 1938
(age 79)
22 November 1975 19 June 2014
Grandson of Alfonso XIII Bourbon Juan Carlos I
Felipe VI 30 January 1968
(age 49)
19 June 2014 Incumbent Son of Juan Carlos I Bourbon Felipe VI