Buy Property to Build or Let

How to go about searching for the right property for you in Spain...

Buying to renovate a property or build a new property demands careful pre-planning. Certain Spanish building regulations are very different from other countries and permission has to be granted from the local Ayuntamento (Town Hall). These vary within municipalities and within each there may be different zones that have different regulations regarding the minimum amount of land on which a home can be built.

Detailed applications as well as other documents which state what developments are allowed to a property and its land, must be submitted to the town hall (certificate of town planning/urban development). These permits may have been obtained by the agent or the constructor before signing; ensure these have been obtained.

The advice of an expert - an architect or surveyor - is also required for renovations and new builds. If relying on mortgage finance for renovation works, then the works will have to be completed by tradesmen who are registered in Spain. Registered tradesmen have required insurance covering their work - it is an essential guarantee for the bank or lender.

Buying property to let

Be aware when buying property to let that if it will be rented out more than once per year as holiday accommodation, it may have to be registered with the local Consejeria de Turismo de la Comunidad Autonoma (tourism board). More information specific to local requirements is available from the tourism board.