Fine Driving in Spain

In connection with the traffic rules introduced in 2021, the police and the DGT have drawn up a series of ‘offences’ that can in fact hit your purse quite hard. Some of them seem quite logical and sensible, while others are real jaw droppers! Here is a summary of the offences.

Use Your Horn with Care

Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem in our society, and tooting horns are a constant component of the traffic noises of the big cities. The horn is obviously a great tool when you drive because it helps prevent accidents. However, do not touch it without reason. In other words, only use the horn in an emergency and not for any other reason. Breaking this rule can cost you 80 euro.

Don’t Play Loud Music

It sounds strange that you can get fi ned for playing music at full volume when you are driving, but it is in fact another measure to help reduce noise pollution.

The rule applies to quiet zones and other places where your music might disturb the peace. Thus, make sure you lower the volume when passing hospitals and rest areas. If you do not, you could incur a fi ne of 80 – 100 euro, which could even go up to 2,400 euro depending on the area you are driving in!

Careful with What You Wear

no shirtIt is illegal to drive wearing flip-flops or barefoot. This rule has existed for years and comes as no surprise to anyone. However, it is also now prohibited to drive wearing high heels. You can also incur a fine if you drive without wearing a top – and this goes for both men and women! Don’t go mad in the opposite direction though, because you can also get fined for wearing an overcoat while driving! It is not prohibited to wear a coat when you drive, but if you are stopped by a police officer who considers that your coat is too bulky and impedes your movement or obstructs your view of the road and puts highway safety at risk, he may fine you 100 euro. The wrong, or lack of, footwear will cost you up to 200 euro.

Keep Your Elbow in the Car

Many of us drive with the elbow resting on the windowsill; this is a way that we rest our arms without thinking about it. However, this can be considered an offence by the authorities. It is considered that driving like that, the driver cannot manage the vehicle optimally and will take longer to react in an emergency situation. If you are caught driving with your elbow on the windowsill it can cost you up to 200 euro.

Beware When Tanking Up

In this country where self-service at the petrol stations is still a rare beast, many of us take the opportunity, while the attendant fills up our vehicle with fuel, to check the mobile, or pass the time listening to the radio. However, this is considered a dangerous activity and can be fined with up to 90 euro.

Watch Your Mouth

It seems like common sense not to kiss your passenger while you are driving. It is a distraction and obviously reduces your vision of the road – especially if it is a good kiss and you close your eyes!!! Kissing is sweet and necessary, but make sure you only do so outside the car or when it is parked, unless you want to fork out 80 euro. But how about this: You are not allowed to bite your nails while driving! You can actually get fined for lifting your hands to your face! Although nail biting is an involuntary gesture, we have to make sure we don’t do it while behind the wheel or else be liable for an 80 euro fine. The reason being that although nail biting seems inoffensive, it can impair our vision of the road and limit our ability to react quickly in an emergency.

No Eating Behind the Wheel

eating while drivingMany of us have fallen for the temptation to grab a bite while driving, either because of real hunger and not enough time to stop and satisfy it, or simply because we fancy a snack to help us while away the driving time. However, avoid doing this as best you can, as it is considered that it constitutes a distraction dangerous enough to endanger both your own and other drivers’ safety and health, and thus makes you liable for a 200 euro fine.

Do Not Throw Rubbish from the Car

This is a logical and self-evident rule, but unfortunately many people throw rubbish and food out of their car window. Apart from dirtying the environment and putting ecosystems in danger, it can cause accidents. And of course, dog ends can cause terrible fires. Thus, throwing rubbish and fag ends from the car does not only incur a 200€ fine, it will also cost the off ender four points off the driving license.

Careful Where You Wash Your Car

car washIf you don’t keep your car clean you could face a fine of 80 or 200 euro fine, depending on the surface of the car that is covered. The most punished element is the number plate, which must be kept clear, and the sanction could reach a whopping 6,000 euro, plus the loss of 6 points.

If you choose to wash your car by hand rather than using a car wash, be careful when choosing where to do this, as it is actually prohibited in many areas. So, do not think that you can wash your car any old where, but look for places that are especially indicated for washing cars or avoid doing it in public areas. Breaking this rule can cost you a 750 euro fine!