Vehicle Classifications

When purchasing a car in Spain it is important to pay heed to the vehicle classification because it has possible unforeseen implications.

berlingoWe are talking generally about vehicles such as the Ford Tourneo or Citroen Berlingo, which are very popular as they are very roomy and adaptable on the interior. The word adaptable is the key because it is possible that the vehicle has been registered as a semi-commercial vehicle rather than a Turismo, which is the car classification.

The actual classification to watch out for is 3100 Mixta Adaptable. When a vehicle is newly registered, if certain criteria applies, it can take this category and the purchaser is exempt from paying the commerical tax registration fee.

So, what are the implications?

Firstly, if registered in this way, there are speed limit restrictions to take note of! Whilst a car can travel at 120km on a motorway, the same vehicle, with mixta adaptable registration cannot exceed 100km. Restrictions can apply on other main roads.

Secondly, there is the ITV to consider. A Turismo has the first ITV at 4 years then every other year until it is 10 when it becomes an annual event. A Mixta Adaptable has the first ITV when 2 years old then every other year until it is 6 when it becomes annual until 10 years old. After that the ITV must be carried out every six months! There is hefty fine for vehicles on the road without a current ITV.

In many cases this classification can be changed but not before the vehicle is 4 years old otherwise the original exempted tax must be paid! An authorised main dealer needs to produce a certificate stating it can be a Turismo vehicle. This will take about a month and cost between 80-120€. With this certificate it is then possible for the ITV station to issue a new Technical Ficha with the amended classification. This will cost about 50€.

Finally, all relevant documents must be presented to Trafico, who, for a small charge, will change the details in their system and the car really is then a car!